Joanna Lovett, creative powerhouse and fabulous local woman entrepreneur, has graciously offered her amazing talents to the Women’s Collaborative Hub Women Influencers Awards on November 9, 2017.
Inaugural Women Influencers Awards offers the opportunity to purchase one of her exquisitely crafted pieces. 
Partial proceeds will go to the Soroptomist International of the Tri-Cities who is committed to improving the lives of women and girls locally and internationally. 
Unique and Inspired 
Joanna offers “I design each piece, I think not only of the objects and experiences that inspired the design, but also of the person who will own and wear it. The soft-textured shapes are intended to be both universal and unique. My hope is that each one will be beautiful to look at, delightful to wear and will create personal connections for you.”

The main elements are cast olive branches which are traditionally seen as a symbol of peace are entwined together as a further symbol of peacefully working and living together.

This bracelet symbolizes the strength of the olive oil branch coupled with the sparrow who offers her song as a way of joyful expression.  A little tree with collaborative dots – in keeping – but not exactly the same as the one used to represent the coming together of all the amazing individuals and businesses that form the Women’s  Collaborative Hub.

Materials & Creative Process
The bracelets are comprised of sterling silver for the main bracelet along with one silver & bronze sparrow and one newly created symbolic sterling silver tree for this event.
Check out Joanna’s works at You can also hear & see Joanna being interviewed by Vancouver TV Maria Rincon, Celebrate Vancouver Festival at
IMPORTANTLY, PREORDERS ARE NOW OPEN FROM AUGUST 15, 2017 and until Midnight on November 9, 2017.  There will a limited selection at the awards night but you will want to have your’s before then. Here is my bracelet which is just stunning. 
 Small to Medium Bracelet + 2 charms  $250.00 plus PST
Large  Bracelet + 2 charms = $275.00 plus PST
Add magnetic clasp $15.00 regardless of the size of the Bracelet
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